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We have the Best Online practice material for UPSC Preliminary. Here you will find Mock Tests prepared by Nationally Renowned experts.

Our tests help the candidate to gain test taking experience, assess their knowledge and skills, and add to them.

All of our assessments are Learner Oriented, this helps the candidates to assess their current level of knowledge in the subject.

For enhancing the knowledge and skill level we provide complete explanation for every question, explaining why an option is correct or incorrect. In addition we provide reference material for important topics.

These tests give test taking experience and also help you measure your learning skills to hone them to improve your performance.

You can start by taking previous tests online for free.

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Online Practice Tests, Mock Tests for IAS Preliminary Exam

Here is a simple and easy to use website making your online test preparation easy. Our solution offers online Mock Tests for IAS aspirants preparing to write the online exam.

How relevant is this test for the entrance exam I am writing?

There are two aspects, first the test is going to be in the similar lines of the actual test in terms of the duration, marks per question and negative scoring. Score you see after taking the test is going to be your score after considering the negative marks.
The tests we are providing here are relevant as per the pattern of IAS Preliminary exam, prepared by experts in this area. All the questions presented here are new questions considering the difficulty level in the exam.

How Mock Tests are useful?

Mock tests are designed subject matter experts who has experience in training successfully the students preparing for IAS.
The tests are learner oriented helping your thought process in achieving success in the exam. They are provided with explanation, explaining why correct and why incorrect for every choice.
Online reference material along with appropriate links for further reading is provided.

How many Mock Tests are there?

There will be two sets of Mock Tests.
Set 1 will be Four Mock Tests of Paper 1 and Paper 2
Set 2 Will be Six Mock Tests of Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Do I have any additional material?

Yes, you will find reference material, quizzes, video lectures to help you in your preparation.

Do I know what will be my score if I take mock test?

Yes the mock tests are designed as per the actual test and scoring is done as per the guidelines given. The score gives and indication about how you are likely to score.

Can I review my test taken?

Yes you can review, there are many types of reviews available to help you really understand how you are attempting the mock test. You may review all questions or only correctly answered questions or only questions incorrectly answered or unattempted questions.

How this review will help me?

This review will help you understand what type of mistakes you are committing while writing the test. Is it calculation, is it because you responded wrongly though the answer was known, is it a simple guess work. You will also know how you are using your time. 

Where from these questions are prepared?

These questions are prepared by subject matter experts who has the experience of developing such content and also have the training experience.

Can I try before I buy the complete subscription?

Yes when you register we give you 1 free mock test based on the questions from the Previous IAS Preliminary Exams. These are old questions and the score may not be correct as you must have already seen these questions. However you will get the test taking experience.

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Last modified: Thursday, 22 March 2018, 12:12 AM